Simulation Modeling Specialist

Have your analytical needs outgrown your spreadsheets?

Since 2001, our principal consultant has been building detailed simulations for clients around the world using a variety of methods and tools.  We can help you tackle your organization's most complex problems and inform your tough planning decisions with analytical evidence.

We build a computer representation of your facility and bring the model to life using your demand, your data and your work flows.  Whether you are a hospital, an airport, a factory, or a theme park, we work hard to ensure our models paint an accurate picture of your facility so you can be confident in the results.  Once a model is built and validated, we run multiple scenarios to quantify the benefits and risks of your opportunities by considering the impacts of system variability and changes to key assumptions.

3D animated videos can also play a large role in communicating how your system may look and work in the future and can be a powerful tool to demonstrate the business case to either pursue or avoid an opportunity.

Why do simulation?
  • Quantify benefits and risks of planning scenarios
  • Due diligence assessment of new opportunities
  • Capture full system complexity in the analysis
  • Understand the impact of demand and system variability
  • Make decisions with more confidence
  • Avoid unnecessary capital costs
  • Improve profits

Capacity and Flow Analysis

Do you need to boost the flow in your facility?

We help you to identify system bottlenecks and balance the capacity across your facility to match demand.  We can also help you develop a plan to efficiently increase your capacity over time to keep up with future demand.or throughput targets.  

By analyzing the specific tasks, work processes, and resources required, we can help quantify the expected amount of new equipment, new staff, extra facility space would be required to meet your future performance targets.

Process Analysis and Redesign

Do your work processes need a little work?

We will work with you to map out existing work flows and engage your team members to highlight which parts of the system work well and which parts create pain.  Using this feedback as input, we investigate options for eliminating waste, improving flow, and helping your systems run more efficiently.

Data Analysis and Visualization

Do you and data speak the same language?

We have extensive expertise and experience pulling together data from multiple sources and turning raw details into information you can use.  With a deep analytical toolkit that includes exploratory analysis, statistics, forecasting, optimization and more, we have the flexibility to help you answer your most challenging operational and planning questions.  

Since most people understand words and pictures alot better than a page full of numbers, an analysis is not done until it can be summarized in plain english to tell the story.  Clear diagrams and visualizations of the analytical results help to drive home the recommendations and learning gained from the analysis.

Data Quality Assessment

Does your data give you what you need?  

We can help you evaluate how well your data supports decision making and performance measurement within your organization.  We can also assess whether or not existing data sources are reliable and identify steps for improving how information is captured, stored, and used across your organization.


Do you or your team need simulation training?

Strongside Technologies is proud to offer simulation training using the authorized Simio Training Course.  We offer public training sessions for people of all skill levels.  Whether you are brand new to simulation, want to brush up on your skills, or are an experienced modeler looking to bring your game to the next level. 

We also offer customized private training for individuals and teams looking to get hands-on training with a focus on your specific needs and application areas.  We can help jump start your model development progress and support your team as you grow into expert modelers.

Please click the link below for more information and to see our schedule of upcoming public training courses: http://www.strongside.ca/simulation-training-classes